New York Family Dentistry

Family dentistry has gained a large number of admirers. Dental treatment with the whole family has some undeniable advantages.

Most people have fear and anxiety in front of the dentist. Patients visit the doctor with their families and provide moral support to each other. In addition, older family members can be an excellent example for younger ones, showing the latter their calmness and lack of fear.

A family trip to the Aesthetic Dental dentist is a perfect opportunity to be together. Indeed, in our time of permanent employment per family, there is less and less time every year. Therefore, it is better to treat teeth together.

Dentistry for all ages →

Unfortunately, nature has not given all of us perfect teeth. You can conscientiously follow all the tips, take care of your mouth, lead a lifestyle without bad habits, and eat a balanced diet while not maintaining healthy teeth.

So that there are no problems with the teeth or reduce them to isolated cases, it is worth taking care of prevention, constant monitoring, and control. At Aesthetic Dental, specialists are always ready to help a patient of any age, give advice on oral care or cure a neglected tooth.

Aesthetic Dental offers a wide range of services. For this reason, the clinic’s clients use everything they need in one place. They do not need to do panoramic radiography in one center and treat a suddenly aching tooth in another. The specialists of the clinic provide professional assistance for patients of any age. Neither children nor parents will feel psychological discomfort.

You can, of course, go to different clinics with different doctors, but choosing one well-equipped clinic and a professional whom you can trust is still much better. In this case, the doctor will know about the patient’s problems and history and will be able to decide on treatment, taking into account the characteristics of the teeth of a particular person, the tolerance of drugs, and other essential factors.

At the Aesthetic Dental clinic, doctors of all directions in dentistry are at the service of patients. They will perform dental treatment or surgery, correct the patient’s bite and perform aesthetic procedures. There is no denying the convenience of using the services of a dentist, orthodontist, and orthopedist who work in the same clinic, especially if more than one family member needs help.

Pediatric dentistry →

Aesthetic Dental employs pediatric dentists, so parents bring even the family’s youngest members to us. It is necessary to start taking care of the health of your teeth from the moment they appear and throughout your life. Robust and healthy milk teeth will be the key to the appearance of the same permanent solid teeth.

Pediatric dentistry aims teeth from strengthening babies’ teeth from a very early age and delaying as much as possible when they learn what a toothache is.

In the childhood and adolescence of young patients, doctors often identify the initial stage of caries. At this age, the child is instilled with the rules of dental care, and a bite is formed. Many children have malocclusion, which requires competent and timely professional intervention.

Specialists working with this category of patients are highly qualified and have extensive experience and the ability to communicate with children. Aesthetic Dental employs child psychologists who know how to properly negotiate and build a trusting relationship with a child.

Pregnant women can also get qualified help. Considering their condition, the doctor will prescribe procedures and medications that are harmless to the unborn child, give advice on dental care during pregnancy, and draw up a treatment plan considering the characteristics of the female body during this period.

Dentistry for elderly patients →

Elderly patients will also be able to solve dental problems in the Aesthetic Dental clinic because often, despite careful care, teeth still deteriorate, and gum disease develops, leading to tooth loss and a deterioration in the quality of life.

The absence of teeth undoubtedly ages a person, significantly reduces his attractiveness, and impairs speech quality, but it is not an unsolvable problem. Removable dentures, implants, crowns, and bridges will help restore normal dental function. Aesthetic Dental will make high-quality prosthetics of any complexity. Specialists will competently select the most optimal option for prostheses, which will not cause discomfort to the patient and will have a suitable cost.

Now you do not need to be on time in several places simultaneously because treatment, examination, and other procedures can be carried out in one place for both children and adults.

Visiting the dentist twice a year for a timely preventive examination would be best. This is recommended for any age and will help keep your teeth healthy and save money because treating neglected diseases is much more expensive.


Heredity plays an essential role in the formation of a teeth. The structure of the jaw, the tendency to specific pathologies, susceptibility to any medications, and the presence of allergies can be closely related to the hereditary factor. Suppose all family members visit the same clinic. In that case, information about the condition of the teeth and any features in adults will help the doctor choose the right treatment strategy for children.

At Aesthetic Dental, Family Dentistry provides bite correction and dentition alignment services. The services of an orthodontist are needed not only for children and adolescents, but it is also possible to correct defects in dentition in adulthood. Orthodontists will be able to install braces, aligners, or mouthguards for the most effective alignment of teeth, and bite correction, taking into account patients’ characteristics and age.