Dental Care

A beautiful smile indicates that a person cares about his health and appearance; it is a marker of attractiveness. Take care of the white-toothed smile on your face, and let it become your autograph. With good oral care, your trips to the dentist will only be planned and limited to a superficial examination.

Of course, the strength of the teeth is influenced by factors beyond our control, such as genetics, ecology, and age. However, Aesthetic Dental has those dental health controls that will help you always smile and be more attractive, friendly, and confident.


A visit to the dentist is always a hectic hike for almost every person. This is especially alarming for babies. A family trip to the dentist will be a comfortable and convenient way to visit a doctor. Aesthetic Dental offers services for the whole family at the right time or in unforeseen situations.

There is no need to visit several medical institutions to consult with specialists or search for an X-ray room. Everything is located in one building, significantly reducing the time of preventive consultations and, even more so, the treatment procedure.

Family dentists have a wider body of knowledge that allows them to examine and treat patients of any age. Features of the structure and development of teeth in childhood involve periodic examinations by an orthodontist, which are not always available in every dental clinic.


Pediatric dentistry requires a special approach to young patients. The therapist needs not only to treat children’s teeth professionally but also to do so that the child experiences a minimum of unpleasant sensations and is also interested in the treatment results. Aesthetic Dental specialists will help children eliminate their fear of visiting the dentist, and parents get rid of anxiety for a minor patients.

Pediatric dentistry combines dentistry and pediatrics, including prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of teeth, oral mucosa, and dentition in children and adolescents.

The mother of the baby, who was brought for a preventive examination, will also be able to undergo preventive consultation at the dentist.


Most seniors cope with the complexities of aging, except for tooth loss. The smile is a thing of the past. This changes the quality of life and adds health problems and depression.

Chronic diseases that progress with age affect well-being and oral health. It also works the other way around: infections or inflammations in the mouth wreak havoc on all health over time. Thus, oral problems affect the cardiovascular system, create complications in diabetes, and can be the cause of cancer.

Proper oral care and regular dentist visits will help avoid dental problems in old age. Gum disease and tooth decay are treated in old age.

Aesthetic Dental doctors perform dental procedures for older patients with some specifics. In the list of services, in addition to general dentistry services, the clinic offers prosthetics and implantation services, and the X-ray room helps to reduce the number of trips to the hospital.


Unfortunately, even in the 21st century, visits to the dentist cause panic in many children and adults. Although the likelihood of unpleasant sensations when visiting a dentist is extremely small, such patients increase their pressure and adrenaline levels before seeing him.

To reduce the feeling of anxiety in the patient, Aesthetic Dental uses sedation. This method is also used to treat inflammation of the dental canals and complex tooth extraction.

Sedation reduces pain sensitivity but does not eliminate it because the patient is conscious, can follow the doctor’s instructions, and sees and hears everything that happens. Therefore, this method of anesthesia is combined with local anesthesia. Anesthesia is mandatory if the teeth are damaged deeper than the


Does a person close to you snore loudly and sometimes stop breathing for a few seconds in a dream? He and you should not ignore this condition – this is a clear sign of obstructive sleep apnea, which leads to serious health problems. A person with these symptoms can get help from Aesthetic Dental and get diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea with proven efficacy.

Weight loss is the first advice that doctors give to patients with signs of sleep apnea, such as drowsiness, fatigue, snoring, and so on. But, for patients with such a diagnosis and in the presence of overweight, an increase in adipose tissue in the larynx entails narrowing the airways. Therefore, weight loss in combination with sleep apnea therapy is the first step to reducing the symptoms and severity of sleep apnea and improving breathing parameters.

Aesthetic Dental offers several treatment options to help you enjoy a night of healthy sleep and improve your well-being. The clinic doctor determines which method is correct for you during the consultation and examination.


Our general dentistry services include:

Why do teeth hurt and decay? The leading cause of dental problems is poor or irregular oral hygiene. Teeth need proper care – this is the golden rule of every dentist, so patients who neglect it hear this saying.

Lack of brushing and rinsing the mouth after eating, brushing in a hurry, or irregular treatment of dental surfaces from all sides contributes to the formation and accumulation of plaque on the teeth, between them, and under the gums. Because plaque, caries, periodontitis, and periodontal disease begin to develop, it is necessary to do high-quality professional teeth cleaning as early as possible.

Deciding whether you need professional teeth cleaning is quite simple. You need to look in the mirror and assess the current condition of your teeth. Suppose they have a yellowish tinge, brown spots, reddened or bleeding gums, and an unpleasant odor in the mouth. In that case, you should contact a professional at Aesthetic Dental and get professional teeth cleaning.


The main role in the origin of caries is played by soft plaque, consisting of polysaccharides, bacteria, and food debris. The time when plaque is on the tooth surface is directly proportional to the likelihood of developing caries.

Cleaning chewing teeth is laborious primarily because of the narrowness and depth of the grooves covering their surface. It is to remove plaque that dentists prescribe daily brushing with a brush. But some teeth, due to the peculiarities of the structure, are more difficult to clean from plaque. Due to the child’s lack of necessary hygienic skills, substantial damage to the tooth tissues by the carious process is possible.

Aesthetic Dental offers parents an effective method of preventing caries development in children aged four years – installing dental sealants. Sealants can already be installed in the case of complete eruption of the tooth’s chewing surface. The installation of a sealant in adults is used in the same way.

When filling the tooth’s grooves with dental sealant, its chewing surface will acquire a more precise contour and become smooth and flat. There will be no recesses on it. Removal of plaque will become much more accessible, and caries development will occur with a much lower probability.

Before installation, it is necessary to consult a dentist.


A routine examination at the dentist allows you to detect only external damage. In cases where it is necessary to see what is happening in the thickness of the tissues, it is essential to resort to hardware examination methods.

X-ray of teeth is a hardware procedure for radiation diagnostics. The finished image reflects the condition of soft and hard tissues, the structure of the dental roots, the size, position, and condition of the fillings, the presence of areas of inflammation, and the density of the jaw bones. This allows Aesthetic Dental specialists to choose the appropriate treatment option and develop a detailed action plan.

The tonality of the color will enable you to accurately diagnose the condition of tissues – healthy, with pathologies, with tumors or cysts, inflamed or necrotic. Depending on the study’s objectives, specialists choose the appropriate type of dental fluoroscopy.


Keeping teeth healthy is not difficult. But not everyone’s nature gives a snow-white smile and strong enamel. Under the influence of external and internal factors – nutrition, ecology – they deteriorate. Modern technologies in dentistry can restore bone tissue and protect damaged areas from further destruction, and adequately selected filling material will preserve the tooth for years. Tooth filling, as a dental procedure, is in demand today.

Urgently or unscheduled, Aesthetic Dental doctors install a temporary filling. In the resulting tooth cavity, the dentist lays a medicine that relieves pain and inflammation and prepares the cavity for further treatment and the installation of a permanent filling.

The dentist puts a permanent filling to restore the functionality and aesthetics of the tooth. This is especially true for the anterior incisors.

The most effective way of painless filling is a timely visit to the dentist and the passage of regular preventive examinations. In this case, you will not only avoid painful treatment but also save on the cost of treatment.


Root canal treatment is one of the most popular operations at Aesthetic Dental dentists. The objectives of the procedure are to eliminate the infection inside the root, remove the pulp and infected dentin, and give the canal the necessary shape for subsequent filling. These measures provide an opportunity to save a tooth that would otherwise be lost – the only alternative is extraction.

The system of canals inside the tooth has a complex structure. The main task of the dentist is to treat the root canals with the help of tools, disinfect the entire canal system and then fill them with high quality.

The treatment of one tooth sometimes takes more than one hour and sometimes more than one visit. It all depends on the neglect of the situation and the degree of inflammation.

Observing the rules of oral hygiene and making regular preventive visits to the dentist, you may not encounter it even once throughout your life.


Nocturnal bruxism is a widespread phenomenon accompanied by unpleasant teeth grinding, usually in a dream. This happens unconsciously due to the clenching of the jaw and the contraction of the masticatory muscles. Often this problem affects children whose sleep is anxious and restless. Of course, adults are also susceptible to bruxism, especially those who suffer from neuroses and various neurotic disorders.

To protect your teeth, gums, and jaw, Aesthetic Dental experts recommend using mouthguards against bruxism. These plastic or silicone pads are put on the upper or lower teeth and prevent them from rubbing against each other. In addition, they level the characteristic creak, which does not interfere with the person’s sleep but can disturb his household.

These constructions do not cure bruxism as such. Their task is to protect tooth tissues from abrasion, crowns, and dentures from premature wear and breakage; periodontal tissue – from damage and loosening of dental units; joints and muscles – from excessive tension and pressure. In addition, the mouthguard prevents gum recession and pain in the head, neck, and shoulders. Treatment depends on the causes of the disease, and they are diverse.