Teeth whitening

Natural whiteness is rare because it is challenging to preserve. A snow-white smile attracts the attention of others and causes envious and enthusiastic looks. Modern dentistry, namely professional teeth whitening, will help to make teeth white again. Aesthetic Dental uses innovative techniques that are guaranteed to save customers from the darkening of tooth enamel.

The specialists of the clinic will determine the most suitable option for creating a flawless smile on an individual basis. Air-Flow technology or ultrasound will help correct the nuances caused by smoking, tartar, caries, black tea, or coffee. In some cases, the problem can be solved by cleaning without resorting to bleaching.

To keep your teeth white, it is recommended to use toothpaste with whitening properties regularly. Otherwise, a healthy tone will help return safe teeth whitening in the clinic Aesthetic Dental.

Whitening - beauty procedure →

This is a beauty procedure that allows you to make a flawless smile, so the specialist’s attention is focused on the front teeth. The smile zone depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. The effectiveness of one procedure, the number of tones by which teeth can be whitened, is also determined on a case-by-case basis. The dentist, based on his experience, can predict the possible result.

Aesthetic Dental doctors have a flexible approach to each patient and do not promise impossible results. Often the first time you can’t achieve the desired shade, you will be assigned an additional procedure, and the patient will tell you about the features of caring for your teeth to maintain the desired effect.

Professional teeth cleaning is necessary to get rid of dental deposits and plaque. The next step is the whitening process. The process of whitening tooth enamel depends on the initial data. Its features depend on the selected option.

A visual indicator that indicates health and well-gloominess is a snow-white smile. In addition, it shows a high social status. Undoubtedly, everyone dreams of a Hollywood smile, but at home, it is impossible to change the color of the enamel, and in some cases, it can even do harm.

Aesthetic Dental doctors perform teeth whitening in several ways, opening up new patient possibilities.

Whitening technologies →

Photobleaching technology uses a cosmetic gel and lamp to safely and affordably whiten teeth up to 12 shades lighter in one treatment. Not suitable for those with braces, gum disease, or pregnant or lactating women under 16 years old.

Laser whitening requires teeth cleaning before the procedure. It involves applying a whitening gel and activating it with a laser. It lasts only 40 minutes and has a long-lasting effect of up to 10 years. Laser whitening is safe, strengthens tooth enamel, and prevents caries. The only drawback is its high cost, but it’s worth it for a guaranteed result and a snow-white smile for years to come.

Intracanal bleaching uses a gel with hydrogen peroxide to lighten teeth by several tonnes. It’s for darkened teeth caused by trauma, hereditary diseases, or antibiotics. The gel is placed in the dental canal and sealed with a temporary filling. Results are long-lasting with no pain.

Chemical bleaching whitens discolored teeth using a 40% hydrogen peroxide medical gel. It’s safe but may cause temporary discomfort and hypersensitivity. The 10-tone lightning effect lasts up to five years, but it’s not recommended for those with oral cavity diseases or allergies to its components.

Some features of the procedure →

  • To whiten teeth, professionals first clean them and treat any issues. Then, specialists choose a gentle bleaching option based on enamel.
  • Preparing your oral cavity is essential before teeth whitening. This involves treating caries, installing seals, removing deposits, and cleaning with a specialized paste. These steps are necessary to ensure the results are accurate, so prioritizing them is best.
  • Tooth enamel color is determined by genetics and can be affected by external factors like food and oral diseases. Our team can help with fixing unnatural shades.
  • Tooth whitening has some restrictions. It’s not recommended for patients under 16, pregnant women, or those with gum disease. It’s also not recommended if braces are present or if there are allergies to whitening products or inflammation in the mouth. The safety and efficiency of the procedure depend on following these guidelines.
  • Teeth whitening is an effective way to improve the appearance of tooth enamel, but it may cause sensitivity and temporary discomfort due to micro-changes in the enamel structure.
  • To maintain teeth whitening results, use dentist-prescribed whitening strips, follow a diet for three days, avoid certain products, and practice regular oral hygiene. Avoid staining products for two weeks for optimal results.


Professional whitening is the best way to lighten your teeth. These procedures are considered safe because they do not damage the structure of the enamel. The techniques allow you to get a Hollywood smile in just one visit.

The safest way to whiten is professional whitening in the dentist’s office. Aesthetic dentistry is constantly developing and improving existing technologies, so teeth whitening procedures are becoming more effective and, at the same time, safer.

If brushing your teeth is necessary, teeth whitening is your choice. Again, if you need to maintain healthy teeth and a slight lightening of the enamel up to 4 tones is enough, you can stop cleaning and not expose the tooth enamel to additional stress.

If you have defects and damage to the enamel, then before bleaching, it is necessary to strengthen it. The procedure is not recommended for children under 16, as they must still complete the enamel formation process. Also, bleaching is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women.

The effect of teeth whitening can last from 1 to 7 years. Nothing is to be done about individual characteristics, like a yellow or grayish enamel tint. In that case, it is worth working with oral hygiene and habits that directly affect how long teeth whitening lasts.